About Us

Optomize uses eye-tracking technology along with a range of cognitive measures to provide medical training packages based on objective assessment and feedback.

We offer quantitative, statistical and qualitative scientific results to improve efficiency, situation awareness, confidence and competency.

In essence, we facilitate the learning curve from novice to expert skill acquisition.

Optomize was founded in 2013 by Dr Mel McKendrick a Chartered Psychologist, Assistant Professor in Psychology and CEO of Optomize. Dr McKendrick has several years of experience in eye tracking research and working in fields including critical safety, social perception, prototype testing and clinical training.

We offer a range of diverse services, delivered by a team of clinical, scientific and technical experts who develop bespoke solutions for diverse contexts.


Worldwide medical training access through technology and collaboration


We work across several medical disciplines

  • Technical skills training: for surgical skills and injections procedures
  • Non-technical skills training: Team communication
  • Psychological aspects of skill acquisition
  • Human factors